Mature Coconut

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Indonesia is already well known as the first three of the highest coconut producing countries with over 3.5 billions hectares of farmers land spread across thousands of island in Indonesia.
The huge amount of coconut production in Indonesia make foreign countries interested in buying Indonesian coconuts to meet their production needs. 
CV. Andika Kelapa has taken a position to bridge these needs by providing good quality of fresh coconut from Indonesia to domestic and International market widely.  

Comes from several islands in Indonesia such as Sumatera, Riau, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Java, our coconut have been used in coconut processing industry such as coconut milk, virgin coconut oil, desiccated coconut, and the coconut water industry.
Working with local farmers’ groups, with harvest capacity more than 2,700,000 coconuts per month, we can assure the availability of fresh coconut throughout the year continuesly.  

We would welcome the opportunities to discuss the needs of fresh coconut with every party involved in the coconut industries and we look forward to the succesful outcomes to all of us.  

Our deliverables :

Type : Semi-Husked Fresh Coconut

Variety : Matured Coconut

Color : Brown/Light

Grade designation : Grade A/B/C

Weight (kg) : 500gr up to 1400 gr (depend on request)

Circumference : 10 inch and above

Packaging : 30 – 40 nuts per bags

Please feel free to contact us :
CV. Andika Kelapa
+62877-7788-0940 / +62813-1108-0597